Are you tired of getting upset & feeling frustrated with your kids, and ready to show up more loving?

Then you are in the right place!


know you want to create the loving home environment you’ve dreamed of... instead of reacting to the ups and down of parenting.

Don't worry - I’ve got you covered!


Because that’s what Expanded Life is all about — helping moms stop overwhelm, ditch guilt, up-level love, create more connection, give consequences without frustration, and change the self-critical thinking into empowering thoughts that help you show up as the mom you want to show up as.

What do you want to change in your life?

  • More love and peace at home,

  • A better relationship with your child,

  • More love and connection,

  • Patience to stop getting triggered,

  • A clean and organized home,

  • To stop yelling and getting upset.

It all begins in your mind…and you can start

changing that now!

You won’t find cute little tips and tricks here. I used to love tips and tricks, but they don’t last.

I am in parenting for the long game, and so I only teach stuff that really transforms the parenting paradigm for moms. Not only does it work…it creates change that is ridiculously fast.




Hi I’m Andee

I'm a mom just like you.

I love being a mom, but for about ten years I was desperate to figure out how to consistently show up as the loving, patient, and connected mom I wanted to be. None of the parenting books, seminars, or advice helped me make the permanent change I was looking for.

Then I discovered some simple yet profound tools that shifted everything for me. So I created Expanded Life to share it all with you.

I'm on a mission to help moms have the most amazing time raising, loving and connecting with their kids.

If you want to learn more, sign up for my FREE Quick-Start 5 Minutes Parenting Makeover Challenge. For 5 days I'll send you a short little video with a small challenge that will only take you 5 minutes. It's a simple yet powerful and you're going to love it.

Small steps lead to big changes.

Action is the antidote for overwhelm and feeling stuck.

I'm so excited you're here!!

xoxo, Andee



How to get

out of Upset

Why is getting upset at our kids such a hard habit to break?

We love our that’s NOT why. I struggled with this myself for years and years.

Then I realized I just didn’t have the right tools.

Willpower only will get us so far, and then it’s back to the same old habits.

But if we have the right tools, we can re-train our brains and get different results. I want to share this powerful tool with you.